About us

Events happen for once but their memories last forever and we do understand this fact. So, we try to give our best in making your memories good to be cherished years after years. We are one of the top event management organizations of Uttar Pradesh. We provide our services in metro areas as well and We take pride to say that we are the best in organizing weddings, birthdays, kitty party, corporate events, product launch, and promotions etc.

How we are different from others?

Our team comprises of persons having expertise and experience in their respective fields. The team members are responsible and answerable for their respective department’s performance either good or bad. So, they always put their best for every event.

More than everything, we always target the audience and guest of the event while making arrangements and a result is a successful event. At the same time when we are having a target audience in our mind, trends are not given second place. Trends equally reflect in our arrangements. Guests appreciate the host of the event and that host who is our client comes to us with the same appreciation note.

After all the planning, lastly, we present before the client and his/her satisfaction level provides direction to the execution of planning. For us client’s satisfaction is everything. Our back up plans is always ready for emergency situations. So, we will never disappoint you even in the worst conditions.

Our Key Features


  • The team of expert and experienced Personnel
  • We deliver the services, we commit for
  • Understanding the client’s requirement in detail
  • Back up plans for the worst situation
  • The way we plan and process for the event
  • Trends and target audience are given equal importance in the arrangement
  • Our security arrangements for events like fashion shows and corporate events